SOURCE: Dillon Rum Distillery (Distillerie Dillon) in Martinique, French Caribbean
TYPE: American oak, former bourbon barrels
AGE: between 10-15 years
SIZE/VOLUME: 53gal/200Lt (originally bourbon barrels)
PRIOR USE: Distillerie Dillon make two rum brands, Dillon and Depaz
QUALITY/CONDITION: freshly emptied, in good shape, holding liquid. Stored in cellar up until point of shipment
PRICE: Enquire here for price
TERMS: we request a 30% deposit on confirmation of order
AVAILABLE: December 2017

DISTILLERY HISTORY: Dillon is a leading rum brand in France, and Depaz is a leading brand in the Caribbean. Both brands are multiple medal winners. Dillon rum is named after Arthur Dillon, an Irish Jacobite soldier who was a hero of the American War of Independence, and is renowned in Martinique for his part in the expulsion of the English from the Island of Martinique! He married into a wealthy French Caribbean family, who owned a sugar cane plantation that later became known at Dillon Estate. Later, in 1857 the distillery was built.

WEBSITERhums-Dillon (the website is currently only available in French)

RUM STYLE/METHOD: all rums are produced from 100% sugar cane juice. There are no real differences in terms of process in how the two brands Dillon and Depaz are made. Sugar cane is sourced from both the Atlantic and Caribbean sides of the island.