Who uses Hop Essence, and how


General Usage rates:

From the experience of several Brewers, 2-3oz per US barrel (31gals) applied late in the dry hop phase, or in the brite beer tank works well. *In metric terms, it is between 60-90ml per 117lts (or 50-75ml per hectolitre).


Chris Anderson – Coachella Valley Brewing Co

"We are having good results using the product in place of dry hopping at around 3 oz. per barrel standard. We did a double IPA that was hopped at double that rate. The 8 % abv platform and spiciness from additions of 10 % Rye masked some aromatics hence why we increased it. 

With that rate we are getting pretty pronounced grapefruit, grassy and spicy floral aromatics comparable equivalent to 3-4 pound per bbl dry hopping with pelletized cascade hops. We are adding it to the bright tank in line at transfer and recirculating it in a loop prior to carbonation and conditioning."


Dan Littlefield – Hop Dogma Brewing Co

"I've enjoyed using the hop essence in beers where our aroma has come up a little short after traditional dry-hopping. It kind of sharpens the aromatic overall effect of the beer and I think even helps some of the other hops become more present. As a fun party trick, we've also put some in a small squirt bottle and blasted some glasses prior to serving up an IPA and that is really fun! Completely changes the beer and makes an older IPA taste new again! 

One area where I can see the hop essence being particularly helpful is that it can theoretically shorten tank time a bit because you don't have to do a traditional 2-7 day dry-hopping routine. I have not done this yet but I don't see why I couldn't wait until after my diactyl rest is done and then immediately crash the beer, add the essence, and package the beer a day or two prior to when I normally could. Time = Money, so that is one area I think it could be very valuable."


Joel Johnson – 101 North Brewing Company

"We are using the hop essence at a rate of 1 gal in 60 bbl beer batches (a rate of ~ 2oz per bbl). We add the essence to our IPA at the end of our dry hop phase, before transfer to the bright beer tank/s. We add it in addition to our existing dry hop addition. It is giving a pronounced aroma boost. We also believe it has the potential to shorten our dry hop cycle by a couple of days."


Paul Liszewski – Devils Canyon Brewing Co

"We added to the brite tank and performed a short cycle to mix throughout the tank. The hop essence enhanced the aroma in the beer."