John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy, lived in a time when brewing beer with hops was either banned or heavily taxed. The Duke brought hops to parts of Europe, and helped to usher in a quiet revolution that saw the noble hop replace the herbal medleys that had dominated brewing for centuries. With hops at their disposal, Europe’s brewmasters crafted new beers famous for their bold flavors, heady aromas, and complex bitterness.



Just like John the Fearless, we understand the importance of the best hops. And we understand it can be difficult for brewers to do what they love when they don’t have access to the hops and important other ingredients they need. We’ve been delivering grapes and wines to vintners all over the globe for over forty years, and we’re pleased to bring our experience and our passion to hops supply and distribution. We know that flexibility and quality go hand in hand, so we source the finest craft hops, oak barrels, and fruit purees and concentrates from around the world and deliver them directly to your brewhouse. Because just like John, we know that if you’re going to brew great beer, you have to be fearless.